What are the common problems companies are facing right now?

What are the common problems companies are facing right now?

We are living in a really dynamic environment and businesses, regardless of their size face many of the same challenges every day, so we’ve integrated the data, research and other inputs to create this list of the common problems companies are facing nowdays.

Marketing –

Many people knows the basic agenda of marketing is to sell the products. Well, yes but it’s alot more than that, it’s about how your potential customers are looking at your brand or services that you are offering.

Every marketer has his or her different approach to tackle the situations but the problems for many remains the same.

1. Generating Traffic & Leads : One of the most common problem marketers are facing right now is to generating more traffic on website and finding the high quality leads for the company.

Clearly the situation has gone worse with time for some as the competition has stiffen with so many competitors trying to snatch your leads. With so many options of platforms for marketers to publish their content and even more ways to promote it, it’s hard to know where to focus your efforts.

2. Lack of High Quality Content : Most of the companies nowdays, doesn’t even know what their customers really want? They are still focusing on the old school agenda for marketing but the time has really changed.

According to HubSpot Research recently, 53% of the consumers wanted to see more videos rather than the boring blog posts. As the time is changing the need for creatives and video marketing has risen up. Is your company doing that?

3. Providing the right RIO for your business activities : Spending too much time and budget to generate a few leads is going to shut down the business soon. When it comes to Return on Investment, here’s a strong case to be made for dedicating time and resources to establishing links between marketing activities and sales results.

4. Managing Your Website : Website basically comes in an asset that works around the clock to draw in  visitors, convert them, and help you hit your goals. Issues many firms are facing right now includes a variety  of different factors, from writing and optimizing the content to designing beautiful webpages.

5. Targeting Content for Audience : Targeting is one of the key factor in marketing. It can be a big challenge not only to figure out the best ways to market to an target customers but also to organize and optimize your site for different customers’ preferences.

  • Invisibility of your business :

A company should always advertise it’s brand or product to give customer a slight info about their services. But if you use a medium that is not appropriate and you address people who are not interested in your product or service, you will only have lost time and money.

  • Increased Competition in the market :

Earlier it used to take weeks or months to get a traditional business off the ground but now, all aspiring entrepreneurs need to do is buy a domain name and register their new company online. This is increasing the competition day by day.

Due to the ease of starting a new business, one will more than likely face a broader level of competition in a chosen industry in comparison to many years ago.

  • Technology Advancement :

Technology is quite dynamic in nature and if a company fails to innovate, it is likely they will be overtaken by their more forward-thinking industry rivals.

  • Training Your Team :

Considering the changing environment, a company needs to train it’s team accordingly to be in the competition. Whether it’s training them on the concepts and tools they’ll be using every day or making sure they’re achieving their full potential, the struggle is real across the board.

  • Lack of commercial department

Unfortunately, many organizations don’t work hard enough on commercial department to train all the collaborators to become vendors, people able to offer their products or services for potential customers.



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